Dyson headphones?

:rofl: Just the look of it looks weird but the reason for the them is actually quite grand in concept. :thinking:

Dyson is actually creating a headset, for real, called the Zone. As you can see it will also have an air purifier technology build in as well. The goal of the Zone is to make living in urban spaces more comfortable by attempting to mitigate both air and noise pollution

Although I have not been to cities that has such air pollution, I figure it can get pretty bad.

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Feels like a gimmick.

Note that what causes the most harm from pollution are the smallest air particles which either are extremely difficult to suck through a mask, or simply get through the mask. So typically all that happens is the unfiltered air is sucked in around the gaps in the mask as that’s an easier so faster flow than through the mask, more so when outdoors moving as you breathe faster when moving.

For example to the N95 standard is 3 microns / um. The dirt which damages lungs is 0.5 - 2 um.

Good for hayfever as pollen is 10-70 um.

However if I encounter someone who thinks something is good for them, so long as doesn’t harm them, then I won’t shatter their delusion as the placebo effect is real. So if I encountered someone IRL (in real life) I’d say “cool”. I’d then sell them some magic beans. :wink:



Although I feel it is a gimmick product as well, I could see several still buying it as an alternative to maybe wearing a mask to deal with smog. or etc.

Well I will say after you sell them those magic beans, you can send them my way and I can sell them some swamp land in Florida. :wink: :crocodile:

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We’ll leave those happy people with their swampland you sold them and plant the magic beans I sold them.

Those who knew this was a gimmick they’d know that smog is so small a particle that you need a mains powered filtration system to be effective so the battery here is going to drain fast or the filtration is useless. Yes you can filter dust but such dust you naturally cough it up anyway, as we evolved to handle regular dust.

Back to thread as this is a Soundcore forum, there is still a vast headroom of opportunity for noise-cancelling with Soundcore, if you ever put on a $400 Sony and compare with the $56 Q30 you can easily spot the difference. Onwards and upwards! My Q30 are out of warranty very soon and I’ve broken 2 of them so far… and I like the value-for-money to make my Sony last longer, I’m flying next month for first time in years.

I have not had the chance to get to try the 400 Sony but did get to try the Bose versions and do get where you are coming from. on the difference.




Strange. I’m to conservative for this.

Thinking this thread is two days too early… lol…


Well, someone has to say it.
Dyson headphones suck.

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I agree. I thought it was insane and do not want. I would feel like I was on Battlestar Galactica

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Viper helmet from Galactica.

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