Ear tips for L3P

Hi everyone. I cannot get these earbuds to stay in my ears, regardless of trying on the tips and rabbit ears (wings) combination - and I’ve put them on correctly as instructed. They just fall right off. Perhaps it’s the material that it’s very stiff and eventually push off the ears, or they do not insert far enough, but the airpod pro tips sealed in my ears perfectly (so much they’d make a pop when I took them off). Do you guys have aftermarket eartips that would be recommended? I have tried foam tips previously and they also push out after a minute or so.

Also if you have a company that makes wings that are bigger than the largest supplied by SC, I’d love to know.

It’s really sad, the ANC is really poor so far compared to the Bose, Sony (and even my 2 yr old airpod pros) that I’m auditioning vs. I really want them to fit correctly. Thank you


Plenty of owners given advice already.


I just searched Liberty 3 Pro Eartips and this thread pops-up.

I apologize, I should have clarified that I have read this forum regarding fitment issue before purchasing this pair to try, and that I have had no luck with similarly round/hard silicon nor the recommended foam tips over many many years of owning various earbuds (indicated in original post). The airpod pro shape/material really was ideal.

If anyone knows of a company making L3P tips in AirPod Pro shape and material - also didn’t want to sound like an Apple fanboy - or similarly oval and softer(?) - please let me know! Currently, ANC on, there’s no seal whatsoever. I really want these to work!

Not sure what to tell you. I have the L3P’s and the included Medium Tips and Wings fit me fine. I ran the Tip Fit Test and all was good. I’ve never tried other tips because the included tips suit me fine. I also don’t have Apple products, so no help there. Good luck.

Everything is made in China so if you find the material chemically they use in the Apple product then find someone else making it from the same material.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same factory made something for Apple and using the same ingredients for other brands.

So can you find the Airpod Pro material?

Note the L3P is a fairly chunky product so may not be possible to make something which is oval and softer and fits.

Can you show both buds types side by side to help others help you? Example other thread with very useful photos to emulate. The good photos here of two products without and with tips and the tips themselves really helps others understand. You still have the Apple product to do the side-by-side?

After extra research regarding fit, I realized that my ear canal is short, and the supplied 8.5mm tips are too long. This was evident by the fact that the L3P rabbit ears were hanging off my ears instead of being snugly against my earlobes.

I purchased AZLA SednaEarFit Ultra Short Length 4mm, and it made all the difference (although I suppose any short length will do regardless of branding). Allegedly the material is the same liquid silicon, but these feel much more pliable & tackier than L3P supplied tips, make that pop and invert out when you take them off your ears.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Do they stay in?

Glad to hear that a different eartip worked.

I know with the L2 Pro and the L3 pro that you get like a lot of tips. So I think they would have done all that they could have but is good to know for reference for others…

I’m glad you have it sorted. :+1: