Earbuds battery

So how come I get less than 4 hours of use a half volume when it’s rated 8 hours. Apart from that what capacity is the earbuds and are both same capacity or the host earbud have a bit more capacity to counteract the host? Also how is wireless charging do on time compared to USB C?

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Tell us the type of the earbuds you are a talking about.
There are many models. :wink:
Thank you.

Your 4hr battery life is really weird. I’m getting more then 8hrs on my liberty 2 pro…

Wireless charging is always slower then corded charging, since wireless charging has a lower % of energy transfer success rate (for some reason I can’t think of the proper term).

More energy leakage might be the term you’re looking for?

@sirkas Are you following the recommended charge time on the instruction in order to get the 8 hour of battery life?
I know some will say they will work so many hours depending on a certain number of minutes of charge time. So if they stated 2 hours = 10 min and you are taking them off charge after 20 minutes, you would get only 4 hours when they my have stated you would get the full charge after 45 minutes. (just making up times as we do not know what earbuds you have.
If you are only getting 4 after a full charge, you may want to contact Soundcore on this issue if they are fairly new but if they are like 5 years old, that may be a good charge for a 5 year old earbud.

OP has liberty 2 pro lol

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lol You know I re-read your text and see the info now under the Q and A but just gleamed over it earlier. I am blaming my car accident my wife had with me with her. We were driving to work in snow downpour yesterday morning. A car in front of us randomly stopped in front of us going down a hill and we un-randomly could not stop as we slid down the hill into that vehicle.

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Other than that, I appreciate you keeping me on track. LOL

Haha. Well you see, the tag only says “liberty second gen” which could be the L2 or the LA2.

I know from a different thread that it’s the L2P :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Are you can your wife, and the other party in the accident all healthy still?

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We are safe. It messed up our radiator and bumper and hopefully we get our Sportage back within the next day or so.

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Glad to hear you are all good and the car wasn’t damaged too bad.

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I know how you feel I totaled my car on the 8th I’m a little banged up and walked a way with just a broke pinky. Glad you are ok.


Lots of car injuries here. I need a new car, but just because mine is as old as @Chiquinho. Not quite, but 24 years is a good start.

I am sorry to hear you have a broken pinky. I really hate the hassle and running to get them fixed. I actually have had 2 accidents in about the last 3 months ( hit a deer the first time). Nothing gives you oh crap moment than when hitting a deer with kids in the car. (only car damage).

Yea mine was two cars wrecks in 6 months first I blacked dodged a concrete pillar then lost control and hit a guardrail and nothing else. That one walked a way just fine.

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We aren’t having much luck huh

Be all careful my friends. :anguished:
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Holy crap… I am glad you are ok. Since mine were not as too bad and were not anybody fault per say, deer n sliding on ice, I just hated having to spend 1000 over the last few months.

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There are so many factors that affect the life or duration of the battery per charge.

Were they seated properly while on charge?
Were they charged at recommend power for recommend time?

What version of Bluetooth your device is
What bitrate of the file is
What EQ you use
How much re-amp
Volume level
Temperature … Both ambient, and temp they’re kept at. Say in your pocket on a really cold day, can shorten battery duration.
How close your device is to the buds.

All these factors can effect how long you get per charge.

When Anker state run time, it’s in a sterile room, on zero EQ, warm room, low/mid volume, device next to buds,

Just like your motor, never gives the return they say in the book!