Earbuds Discounts Amazon US

Here are discounts I found on Amazon. I won’t be listing Flare Mini since @Matthew_D_Morais already put that thread. But here are some good ones:

  1. Liberty Air 2 (White & Black) - $85 after 15% coupon

  2. Liberty 2 - $80 after 20% coupon

  3. Spirit X2 - Sold out

  4. Liberty Air (White) - $30 after $35 coupon


nice deals thanks for sharing

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Not bad prices nice find thanks for the share :grin:

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Great finds :+1:

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Thanks! Does anyone know of any liberty 2 pro discount codes or deals? :heart::heart:

I don’t think there are any for Amazon except for the discount on L2P listing page (if there’s any at the moment)

@Shivam_Shah aaahhh. Ok. Dang! Guess I gotta wait a little longer. Lol :rofl: Thank you so much :pray:t5:

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Some pretty good deals @Shivam_Shah thanks.

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Thanks man! Not sure how many are still valid though


Just saw that Liberty Air have better sale