Earbuds intermittent muffled

My new earbuds are experiencing intermittent muffled voice calls for on my receiving end. During this time it is also unable to connect to the Soundcore app no matter how many times I retry connection and restart the app. Any help appreciated I purchased these a week ago and immediately updated the firmware.

Sounds like a bluetooth signal strength / interference issue. May be a sign of a hardware issue.

Do all the blindingly obvious stuff first:

  • uninstall the app
  • delete the pairing on everything paired, turn off phone bluetooth of everything. You may get a rogue connection. You only paired with the phone right? If not that’s your problem right there usually.
  • If Android wipe the cache. Either boot to recovery, wipe cache, boot. Or settings, apps, show system, bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot.
  • reset the buds.
  • turn phone bluetooth on, pair with phone
  • install app
  • connect app

If that doesn’t cure it, then open ticket with support referencing already tried above, quote serial number, proof of purchase.

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