Early bird coupun for motion boom plus

Just curious if any one has actually received the discount code for the motion boom plus, that has been released today , both on soundcore’s website and Amazon? They had no trouble taking my non-refundable dollar and even sent a follow up email to ask me to rate my pre-order discount, before it was even released, but I still haven’t received the coupon in my email or a text as promised. And today it appears they are off due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Don’t know why they just didn’t take pre-orders. Hope they don’t sell out while I am waiting for the coupon.


Be patient, it will work, this takes time.

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No code yet, may 30 is almost over where i live. Don’t mind waiting but they should have been more clear about when we get the code. Early birds should be the first to be able to order the new boom plus.

Unfortunately, I haven’t received the code yet either.

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I am sure the coupon code will arrive soon.

This is really bad business by Anker. You ask people pay for reservations for a discount code, then release the product without sending the codes and don’t provide an explanation? That’s bad business. They gotta do better.


Yup, nothing here either, and no support because of the holiday. Terrible execution of this “early bird” special. Watch them sell out before issuing the coupons. Then where will we be?


As “soon” as it’s sold out…

Edit: and sold out as foreseen :rage:

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Still waiting for my code. This is ridiculous.

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It’s Memorial Day here in the USA (National Holiday). I assume the coupons will be out by tomorrow. Just my educated guess (I don’t have any inside information).

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No code for me either. I expected it to be emailed early AM this morning. So much for “early bird.” I know I’ll never fall for this crapola again from Anker.


I know you’re just giving your opinion, however, if this is the logic, why even release the product today? So you have enough man power to release the product, but not enough to provide the codes to the people who believed in the product early on? That all sounds like bologna and Anker deserves the flack they’re getting

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I agree with this as well…

The lesson to be learned here is to not to release a an early bird coupon on a holiday that it may affect.

Also I do not think they may have gave a specific time for release. It could be coming here in the next hour .

But hope it comes soon for all

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I’m a little surprised they didn’t wait until tomorrow to release it myself. It’s not like anything in the USA would ship today anyway. It sounds hard to believe, but I wonder if they didn’t realize it was a National Holiday here in the USA until after the release was already planned.

That’s actually incorrect. I ordered a Motion Boom Plus from Amazon just before midnight last night and it has already shipped and will be delivered tomorrow.

Did it actually ship or was the label just printed? I ordered an unrelated product late yesterday and the label was printed, but UPS is still waiting for it. They will get it tomorrow. They sent me a notice it shipped, but when I checked the tracking, UPS just says label created.

I was just about to say, some ordered on Amazon and have delivery confirmed for tomorrow. Anker really botched this and I can see folks bringing out the Pitchforks if inventory issues arise before people are able to redeem their “early bird” coupons

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Amazon doesn’t just print labels. They give you a delivery date before you even order. I checked today and it has already been shipped and traveling, scheduled to deliver on Tuesday.

Amazon is now listing it as a “Number one best seller in outdoor speakers”. Guess they’ve sold a few. You would think that today, someone from Soundcore would at least post something that would clear up the confusion and give some indication of what customers can expect with regards to their early bird coupon and product availability. They have to be looking at their site here on launch day, ya think? Hi.

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Poor Amazon employees have to work on national holidays. I saw an Amazon van delivering in my neighborhood on Thanksgiving.