Early bird coupun for motion boom plus

I Paid my 1.00 for the early bird on the motion boom plus but I still have not received my code and it’s the 31st

COVID would only affect the launch date as factory/shipping slower.

Once they knew manufactured and shipping then failing to deliver discount codes is unrelated to COVID and entirely due to a human failure in sales.

Also China has very few COVID cases, true they have lockdowns where people work from home meaning they generate the discount codes from their home instead. It can impact manufacturing and shipping but they’d know that weeks ahead.

COVID would be a valid reason the 30th May date slipped. But what they did of ship but not release codes is a human error unrelated to COVID.

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I was reading there are cities like Shanghai in total lockdown.
Or am I wrong?
They are shut down the lockdowns NOW

Called customer service and they told me had to email soundcore. Did that. Now, as I feared, no code in email, sold out! What a great business model. Amazon is now back to next week for orders placed today. Seems there was no problem selling them at full price, just if there was the discount code involved. That doesn’t sound like a supply issue to me. Wonderful.


I bought two coupons, got one today and the other one i was told would be given within the next ten days.
They must have known there were gonna be delays, would have been nice to inform early birds in advance and hold sales for pre orders. @ocbrown

I ordered one at full price thru Amazon. Won’t receive it until next week. Maybe I can get the code and apply it before then. Or, just cancel the order and order another one, who knows? I was able to get a JBL partybox 310 last week so I shouldn’t complain, too much. But I’m gonna. WAAAAH!

Yep still waiting for my code, so once it get here it might be a few more weeks before we can purchase our speaker.

Shanghai doesn’t have lockdown now, but regardless, it was a stay at home policy based on districts which impacted when you physically needed to be in a place (factory) or enter/leave an area (shipping). Wouldn’t impact being at a computer generating codes

Came here to see if anyone else was having what I already assumed to be similar issues. I’m pretty salty about this myself. I did score a brand new Rave+ (which exceeded my expectations btw) and a rave partycast. Was looking forward to having the boom+, but it looks as though I’ll be practicing early bird patience and tolerance without getting a gosh heckin worm :sob:

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My advice is keep calm, if it’s out of stock then wait and ask for a discount code then.

There’s advantage of not being an early bird, you’re not the ones finding the bugs due to a shallow beta testing and you may see a review which makes you decide not for you.

There’s some overworked staff behind the scenes, not their fault. (Their boss’s fault).

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My one arrive today in UK


my code arrived today - Germany.
Box not on stock at amazon will ship approx. June 13


So, I finally received my code. I emailed soundcore support yesterday and they provided it early this morning. My understanding from the chat I had yesterday is that they are receiving the email in China, so it does take a little time. I had ordered a unit at full price yesterday, fearing that Amazon might sell out, as well, but after contacting Amazon, they were able to apply the discount code to my order and it deducted the amount my card will be charged when it ships next week. As of this writing, Amazon is backed up for about three weeks on fulfilling orders. Soundcore and Anker make good products for a competitive price, and I have purchased a few of them over the years. I do appreciate the discount I finally received, however I hope in the future, they are a little better at communication with their customers about the status of their promotions. Now, I am looking forward to receiving this product.


Good to know, but what do you mean with: ‘Amazon is backed up for about three weeks on fulfilling orders’?
And is that Amazon in US or another part of the world? :thinking:

In the U.S.A. Seems like they have them but won’t be able to logistically ship new orders until around June 22. It’s been getting farther out every day as more and more orders are received, I guess.

Oofff, soundcore must be surprised by the popularity of the Boom plus.
Seems i ordered just in time, mine should arrive somewhere next week (fingers crossed).
Soundcore EU and amazon EU are all sold out too now.


Seems Motion Boom Plus is real bestseller.

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Did someone has a coupon for me? :see_no_evil:

US East Coast; it’s after 1PM on June 2nd and I still haven’t gotten my code…anyone else in the same boat?