Eartips to get full ear canal seal

Anybody else need to swap eartips to get a complete seal on your ear canal? I tried all the tips supplied. None fit. Swapped to larger silicone tips and that added a HUGE bass improvement. Just curious


Human beings are different same is with the ear canals.
Of course these tips have to fit perfectly to “seal” the ear.

I always struggle with in-ear products. Either I put on smaller tips and buds go further in then I get pain, or larger tips and buds just fall out within a minute.

I certainly appreciate the efforts Soundcore puts into help solve the issues. They include a huge range of tip size and put a lot of attention to the wings and the tips in the Liberty 3 Pros so they can become better for more ear shapes.

As others have stated, the upper limit on tip size is the case has to close.

What tips did u end up getting?

It depends on your ear!
Try all you find and take those which are sealing your ear canal perfectly!

For me it depends on size and material. I think if your ear canal is more round it tends to be a better seal with “harder” tips, whereas my ear canal is more oval and so softer tips are better.
You’l just have to try it. I have good old regular cable earbuds and I just compare new tip to those because I know they fit well and I like them.
It would be great if there was an option to purchase a mold kit (like they use for musicians) to get the perfect fit.

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I resorted to EXTRA large tips from some prior earbuds. Don’t recall which. Easy enough to order tips off Amazon.

After attaching these make sure they fit in the charging case.

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I get a good seal in my right year, but cannot get a good one in my left after spending an hour. Tried the largest tip and the largest ‘wing’ to no avail.

Might need to try something like this.

Agree – very subjective – i find these are nice – softer than silicone – very comfy — i really struggle with fit massively and need wings/fins (and even then not all fit well) to get a decent seal but i found these worked super nice for me

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