El Jefe Liberty 4 review

I like the detailed, thorough and comparisons with other products. Good work!


For me it is weird the L4 not sold outside of USA. I looked up the factory and doesn’t seem affected by the (you know what).

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I watched it live after I saw the other thread you posted about it yesterday. He seemed to like it. I’m still debating if it’s worth getting over the L3P.


His detail and compassions is why I trust his reviews


I doubt it’s better enough to buy if you have the L3P but probably those who were considering buying the L3P should pause and consider the L4 instead. It would solve for many the most common complaint of comfort for those with smaller ears.

I am happy with my X10, Frames, Q30, nothing has come out to make me crack open the virtual wallet.

My Neo, P2, LA2 don’t get used - as they fall out so often it’s pointless for me to buy anything in-ear without a hook.


So… Is it official? No Liberty 4 outside of USA?

I would give 3 advices:

  • email Soundcore and ask the direct question.
  • I don’t believe it is USA only, would be an utterly new way for Anker to act, a global Chinese brand selling to only USA. They have only done that for some powerstrips.
  • support may not know as that’s Anker, their sales, marketing and support don’t sing the same tune.

Anker has made USA specific versions of products for Walmart, BestBuy, and I think Verizon which were clones of global products. So the factory in China makes the same physical product, just packaged different.

Here in the UK there’s comic character comes to mind.

Thanks, I will email Soundcore and I will ask.
On Amazon Italy they sell every Soundcore product but the Liberty 4, so I don’t know what to think…

Some companies use the USA as testing grounds due to the population size in the market. I have seen companies release products here, even foreign ones, before opening up to the global market. I had to purchase many different items for my friends in the UK especially phones, then ship them over in years past.

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I agree it is common to release first in USA, not so much for testing reasons but because it’s a single large market within which your customs import effort gets a big fast sale.

However, we’re not seeing for these L4 a “coming soon” outside of USA, we’re seeing nothing and some messages no plans to release.


It’s either not true, a “lost in translation” error, or something we never seen from Anker to figure out.

I know China overall has local hiccups but when I look at where this product’s factory is located, I don’t see any obvious reason for delay outside of USA.

The L4 is being widely positively reviewed. Unlike the A10…

This is the answer the support team gave me today:

Thank you for your message.

We are very sorry that this product can not be online in EU/DE site now because of inventory reasons, it is expected that next year Q1 or this Q4 may be online, hope the answer can help you.

Besides, we would appreciate it if you could let us know what interests you about this product.

Many thanks for your support!

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So it’s just lack of stock.

They’ve many times released first in USA then weeks later in other regions, but for it to be months later is a new thing I’ve not noticed previously.

Something odd going on at the factory? :thinking:

Why not stop making the LA2P?

Probably you’re right, why a retail box with the italian language too, if you don’t plan to sell it in Italy? I guess I need to wait a little bit more…

Commercial department has confirmed it will be available on Q1 2023 in EU.

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Thank for sharing.

This is a first, from memory, of 5+ months from release in USA to release in EU.

  • The LA2P product should stop being manufactured so L4 can release globally faster.
  • No we want the L4 later as we want to buy the LA2P.

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