Elvis Life in Photos

Elvis Presley’s Life in Photos (msn.com)

Elvis was the man growing up. Not as interesting as a full blow article but a nice pictorial of his life. I think it was 34 that showed his divorce in 73. 73 was not a good year for him. You can see how drugs were causing him medical issues and how he was starting to gain some weight as well.


Beautiful photos, but a sad end to the career and life of “King”:

I agree. You live hard. You die hard.

Some great photos of the king for sure! What an icon truly timeless

Nice find. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing the cool pictures of the King!

Even more sad, as that the music landscape hasn’t really changed much… support for the artist maybe better…

But a lot of the greats do seem to meet untimely demise…Prince, Whitney, Michael Jackson…