Empty room another sound!

We (not me, a friend (professional ) ) were doing painting last weekend,
so the living (40 sqm) was nearly empty.
When talking there, it was like in a cathedral. kind of echo,
though some furniture was still left there,

I tested speakers : Whoow!
Totally different sound.

Now I am wondering what the reason is.
I really suppose the curtains are.
There are a lot in that room.
Those will swallow the sound.
I will do more research!

PS: My daughter liked to sing there!
She is a good singer so it was first fine, but it had to be stopped after a while! :joy:

I know you will provide us with the best finding of that when you find it.

But, I will say I think it is a hidden soundcore mode like Bass Up. When it detects the acoustics, it auto turns on the echo up mode :rofl: :wink:

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Always love finding a room with a bunch of reverb to sing in or play music in. We used to have a choir director that would take us into a bathroom as a group so we could sing and hear the fullness of our sound. Always sounded better than being in a carpeted room with lots of furniture that soaked up every noise.


The curtains!
After mounted these no more echo!

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Area rugs / carpets also reduce the echo!

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I have seen few homes where basement is made to look like a real movie theatre, with all the speakers you need, sound isolation padding to the walls, the cool cinema lighting etc.,
The sound in that setting would definitely a lot different than any normal living room home theatre setting.
Wish I could do it myself :crossed_fingers:

Ja, thats true also.
I forgot to mention.

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Sometimes furniture can play a role too. Anything with lots of cloth.

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When playing in a band we “protected” our exercise room in a basement with empty egg boxes all over the walls. :slight_smile:

Helped a lot!


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Creative and effective :slightly_smiling_face:

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