Enter to Win a Mystery Prize! Will It Be You?

Are you ready to win some prizes? Now through October 8th, 2021, we’re inviting you to participate in this quiz to win a mystery prize!

The rules are simple. All you have to do is spot the differences in each image and you stand a chance to bring home something special! Three lucky winners will each receive a unique prize that’s perfect for those of you who love music.

PS: We won’t tell you what you’ll be getting to keep the suspense going, but we assure you that it’s going to be an EXCEPTIONAL gift!

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Okay, here are the pictures. Spot the differences and leave your (hidden) comments below!


(1) The giveaway is only open to residents of the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

(2) Only one entry per person.

(3) Winners will be announced here on the Collective on Friday, 8th October 2021.

(4) Winners will be contacted directly here on the Collective.

(5) Winners will be chosen at random.

(6) Soundcore reserves the right to a final explanation.

(7) Three winners will be selected and each winner will be allocated one mystery prize.

(8) Entries must be in this thread only. Creating new threads may lead to exclusion from the giveaway.

Good luck everyone! (I really want the mystery prize!! :pleading_face::point_right::point_left:)


Nice contest…


15 differences



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1st image: the right hand image is missing the 3rd charging indicator light, has a red part to the Soundcore logo on the top of the charging case and is missing the ‘r’ letter on the right inside the charging case.

2nd image: the right hand image is missing the ‘r’ from the side of the earbud and is missing the microphone from each earbuds, letters also missing from the Soundcore logo.

3rd image: the right hand image is missing the battery indicator lights, microphones from each each bud and the top earbud on the right is missing one of the gold metallic charging connectors, logo missing from the right hand charging case lid

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In picture 1, there are 3 LED lights lit up on the left case. The case on the right only has 2 lights lit up. Also, there is no “R” on the inside of the case on the pic on the right. Finally, the top part of the soundcore logo on the case is red.
Pic 2 - there is no “R” on top of the earbud in the pic on the right. The right earbud does not have an “s” in the word soundcore on it. Finally there are no mic slots on the earbud
Pic 3 - the pic on the right, there are no LED lights on the case, there are only 2 gold pin magnets on the earbud, there is no soundcore branding on top of the case, and the earbuds are missing the mics

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Red dash is added, right bud is flipped, charging light off


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Thank you!!


** 1) first pic one on right has a red top piece of logo, is missing the right headphone indicator, is missing a light on and is also missing the E in Soundcore

  1. second pic the mics are missing on the left, the right headphone indicator and the E in Soundcore is missing on the right in one of them.

  2. in the third we are missing lights on in the right charger, the logo is missing on the case, the mics are missing on the right, and there’s one gold piece from the charging piece on the headphone that’s missing**

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  1. Logo on top has a red mark on one side. R is missing on case. There is a white line about L. E is missing on the right earbud. Last charge indicator is missing.
  2. On the left earbud the E and mic hole are missing. On the right earbud the mic hole, S and the R for right is missing. The left image is lower quality if that matters.
  3. On the left earbud a charge pin and the mic hole are missing. On the right earbud the mic hole is missing. On the case the logo text and charge indicators are missing.
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Fixed mine. Thank you


1A. Three LED’s are lit on the 1st case vs 2 on the second case in the 1st picture.
1B. The 2nd case has no R on the inside and the Logo is Red at the top.
2A. The 2nd pictures has no microphone hole on the top.
2B. The 1st picture on the bottom is flipped vs the top.
2C. No L on the 2nd picture on the bottom set of pictures.
3A. Three charging contacts on the Earbuds in the 1st picture vs 2 on the second picture.
3B. Three charging LED’s an the case vs none on the second case.

Edit: I forgot to say Thank You to Soundcore for the interesting contest. Good luck to everyone!

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Really cool I always love these kinds of games


Edit 1: 10/3/21 10:45pm est
I downloaded the idividual pics on the computer to be able to see them better
I circled on both but so far have found six differences on each

For the pic above not sure if it was my computer or not but the photo of the buds on the left looks a little fuzzier than the buds on the right which made it hard to tell if the sixth difference of the d in Soundcore on the top earbud was really there or not so I’m not totally sure but it’s my guess

Fingers crossed and thank you Soundcore for another amazing chance to participate and hopefully win.

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You guys are good. I think I messed it the first time I did it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the chance. Birthday is on the 7th so I will definitely be keeping my :crossed_fingers:.


First pic:
Color in logo
Right ear bud marking in case missing
Power level indicator different
Brand spelling on right ear bud
Marking above left ear bud logo on case

Second pic:
Brand spelling on ear bud
Noise cancelling mic slot missing both buds
Right side ear bud logo missing

Last pic:
Power level indicator on case missing
Charging connector on buds are different
Soundcore branding missing from case cover
Noise cancelling mic slot missing on buds

That’s all I could come up with. My birthday is on the 7th so hopefully I will see my name on the 8th. Thanks for the opportunity and I can’t wait to see if I’ve won.


Thank you Soundcore for another opportunity! :slight_smile:


1st picture set:
1a. the left soundcore logo on the front has no red illumination, the right has a red illumination
1b. the right one has no ® symbol
1c. the right one is not fully charged, only 2 battery leds
1d. the right picture, right earbud is missing an e in soundcor(e)
1e. the right picture has a identation on the upper left side of the (L) circle

2nd pictrure
2a. the left pic has holes on the headset piece, the right does not
2b. the right is missing a ® decal
2c. the right pic, both missing a (e) in soundcor(e) and the other is missing (s)

3rd picture
3a. the left set has holes on the ear pieces, with LED idcators (3), the right does not have holes and no led indicator
3b the right one is missing the big soundcore logo on the front of the case lid

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R is missing and one less light on the front in the right picture on top and an e missing from soundcore. Second series of photos: black mark on left earbuds bottom is gone in right pic. And the R is missing in right pic. Also the s in soundcore and e in soundcore are missing on right buds. Third series: no lights on front of case in right pic. One light missing on earbud in right pic. Black mark on earbud is missing in right pic. And soundcore logo missing on case.

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