EQ in wired mode?

How to use EQ in soundcore app in wired mode? When I plug my Q35 it doesn’t recognize it’s connected ( only recognizes via Bluetooth). You cannot be connected via BT and AUX at the same time

Don’t know if this is a bug of the app, not recognizing the headphones when connected by wire.
But the play when connected via cable?

May be others using such headphones know about.
Or you should ask the support.

Why not using an eq on the source.
There are many for all kind of “players”.
A good one which can be used on all OS is VLC.

Btw I never used the app with my speakers
There is no app for LINUX :laughing:

Doing this the EQ will work with wired and/or bt connection

I think it is functionality but as stated, I would contact support for why it is working this way.