Equalizer for Windows?

Is there equalizer for windows? If not, how will the liberty 2 pro earbuds sound on windows without the EQ presets? I know that you need the signature or the piano preset for these to sound good from the reviews.

If there is none, could one be made?

If you use the app there are eq.
What kind of player are you using with WIN?
There should be an eq with the player.

thnx for the reply. so supposing i am playing a game, that means i’m screwed, right?
but if i was using a media player, how do i replicate the piano eq setting on the media player?

There are some options to look at, the default Windows sound options will vary on different setups, but you could go for an additional app to manage the sound output (at the cost of some CPU usage)

If using Windows 10 - there is even options to go for DTS & Dolby Sound Systems if your amp/speaker setup allows - an external Amp would normally have some sort of equaliser on it on a lot of models

Search the Microsoft Store for ‘Equalizer’ - ‘Boom 3D’ is reported to be good on PC (I have the basic iOS Boom App on my iPhone which enhances the sound well too) it’s free to try & £15 to buy

Also search for DTS & Dolby will bring up results, but make sure your hardware is compatible

Hope that helps :+1:


Boom 3D is a good equalizer for Windows in the recent times, have used it on windows and use the same brand app on iPhone. Us they have a discount going on if you search / Google / Bing it.

Edit - I had not read the previous post.

There is a 70% flat Discount if interested.

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thnx for the suggestions :slight_smile:
and these apps will work with the liberty 2 pro on windows, right?

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with boom 3d, can i manually set the equalizer so that it is the same as the specific liberty 2 pro preset?

Boom 3D is a system-wide audio enhancer and Equalizer, and makes the equalizer feature enabled for any audio output device, I use it with Spirit X or Surge. I have not updated the app for last 1 year… So not sure if there are any specific profiles…

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