Equalizer settings

Just wanted some feedback on equalizer settings for this app.
thank you



There are no special settings at all.
Play around with the eq settings and find those best fitting for your ear.

Many threads on equalizer settings, if you do a quick search,

Granted many are earbuds and over ears.

I tend to use flat or acoustic on my flare 2s, and don’t adjust or use custom.

Maybe that would be a good place to start, if the option is available to you, on the app?

I tend to use a modified V setting, but that varies depending on the sound signature of the product I’m EQ’ing.

Here’s an example of one I use on my Motion Boom, but I change that up a bit depending on the recording/my mood.

I tend to use the default eq.

Flat EQ is pretty nice

Everyone is different, so the EQ settings that one person likes may not be suitable for someone else. Just have a play around until you find the settings that suit you!

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