Equalizers for Soundcore

So I’m sure many of you read my review on the soundcore flare. In that review I complain a little about the soundcore Custom Equalizer for the flare. It never sounded good, and you could never get anything but an extremely flat unbalanced sound.

This however has been completely fixed. The custom equalizer is now actually good, and it’s all I use. I have a special setup for listening to classical (vocal) music

I’ve really liked using this EQ now that it’s been fixed. I now get a much more balanced sound, and it’d sharp in all the registers. I do really wish that you could save presets for it though.

I was wondering what EQ’s you all use, and what platform you use them on?

I’m looking for a good one for Windows right now.

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As you have been reading and also replying back to it :crazy_face:, my favorite is Boom on iOS, works perfectly, lot of options, bass and virtual surround sound (audio sounds better to my ears)…

on Windows, I use Winamp (yes… the old gold) and use the equalizer from it



I’ll have to look at that later, last time I tried it it didn’t work at all.

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I think you know.my answer!


I do know it :smile:

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Come on people, I know you’re on here. I’m actually looking for equalizers so I would really like suggestions.

@Macblank I think we all know :joy:

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