Event Participation Reward

Anyone know what this is?
System 1131 Event Participation Reward Processed (November 13, 2019)
I noticed I am level 9 now! but I did not get any notes to go along with it :frowning:

Are you part of the Anker community? They just transferred our Anker account points over to Soundcore this week.

yeah but the points are still in my anker account. I am assuming after the transfer that we dont get the correlating notes that go with each level?

As per what was stated in another thread your points will bump your level up here, but you will not be rewarded with the notes or points that go along with the level up. You still have to earn them normally by posting and what not

@Hannah said in the core 5 update thread
" Anker Community Points
Anker Community points will cross over this month. Please note that we will not reward members with the level up prizes as these points are being crossed over and have not been earned on the Collective. You will not be excluded from any prizes you have earned already."

I am still waiting. :frowning:but still having fun.

Your level here might have been greater than the points you had on Anker, hence why no activity on your end

My level here is greater than Anker but the points should still come over. Rhapsody has level 7 here n level 2 on Anker and she got her points. I did make a change here to my preference name and have since change it back. I had like a user name vs my name.

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In that case I would message Lawrence @Loz and see what he can do

I did as I think that temporarily name change was my only difference.


I am sure that Lawrence will take a look at.
Problems are showing up to be solved.

I did and he thought sort of the same that it potentially was the issue and he has sent it to IT.

Not a transfer exactly, more like a duplication. Lots of people are missing notes they should have earned here with the instant jump - you did okay only getting to level 9, I missed 80 for getting level 10, others missed hundreds by jumping straight to 19.

Its not points or notes missing, they explicitly stated that they were not awarding notes or points for those who had point levels transferred over.

Anyways, now we got stuck with points let’s keep rocking :wink:

Sure. I think I will be less active this month though. Not least because the board is pretty borked.