Everything Announced at IFA 2019 | Spirit Dot 2 and More!

IFA 2019 is here, and Soundcore has provided details on upcoming products, as well as release dates… take a look!

Life Note (October, EUR 79,99)

Spirit 2 (September, EUR 49,99)

Spirit X2 (September, EUR 119,99)

Spirit Dot 2 (September, EUR 49,99)

In addition, Liberty 2 and/or Liberty 2 Pro are expected to be announced on September 26.


I’ll take the Spirit X2, the Spirit Dot 2, and the Life note please

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Don’t forget about Liberty 2, Liberty 2 Pro, and Liberty Air 2!


I’ll take em all hahaha.

Honestly though, these all look like pretty sweet earbuds. :ok_hand:

I think we’ll need a spreadsheet with how many earbuds there are :joy:.

Although that list you made is pretty helpful :+1:

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And guess what? All of them are USB-C!


As long as they are all truly wireless then I want them all. I can review each individually and then as a group and determine the best of the best.

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I’m gonna need some endorsements to test these earbuds :joy:. Anyone up to it? :rofl:


Spirit 2

  • IP68 water protection with SweatGuard
  • Powerful bass with oversized dynamic drivers & Bas>sUpTM technology
  • AirWing for maximum comfort and a secure fit
  • 14 hours playing time
  • Dual EQ for adjustable bass
  • Multipoint connection for two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • USB-C compatibility

Spirit X2

  • Body-moving bass powered by 12mm composite drivers and bass turbo technology with the addition of an acoustic tube behind the driver
  • IP68 water protection with SweatGuardTM
  • 9 hours of play time (one-time charge) / 36 hours of play time (with charge sleeve)
  • Fast Charge: 1.5hrs of play time over a 10-minute recharge
  • Dual EQ for adjustable bass
  • Flexible earhooks for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Clear calls with cVc 8.0 noise reduction
  • USB-C compatibility

Spirit Dot 2

  • Mini Buds deliver a powerful bass
  • Flexible AirWing for maximum comfort and a secure fit
  • Fast Charge: 1 hour of play over a 10-minute recharge
  • 5.5 hours playing time (16 hours with charging case)
  • Touch Control
  • Transparency mode for listening to external sounds
  • USB-C compatibility

Life Note

  • Crystal clear calls via 4 microphones with passive noise reduction
  • Excellent sound through video drivers
  • Fast Charge: 1 hour of play over a 10-minute recharge
  • 40 hours of wireless playback time
  • One-step pairing
  • USB-C compatibility

The Spirit X2 look sweet and not too shabby battery life either, good post @Insider & @Tank on the specs!

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After getting used to the spirit X’s I am intrigued by the X2. Wires are my only gripe and I am liking the ear loop so this would be a nice selling point for me to upgrade.

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Yay! finally some Spirit X2 news. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

The Spirit Dot 2 looks good too. I like the touch controls feature.

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I like the Spirit X2 as I’m a fan of the loop around the ears!

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I want the Spirit X2 and the Dot 2. O yeah… the Life Note I also want :slight_smile:


The X2 and Dot2 have my attention & looking forward to seeing what they announce with the Life 2 series later this month.

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Are the Spirit 2’s the only ones with multi-point? What about the rest? I’d be all over those X2s if they were muti-point as well.

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WAH! I want ANC Truly wireless buds! :baby::baby::baby:

But seriously these all look awesome. Especially the USB C bit!

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Right, I never even thought that was a thing because I’m so used to them only being on headphone style. Being able to adjust it would be a great feature in case you just want to use it with no music or anything

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