Excellent groups who never got recognized!

I was talking with Steve about.
Hope this is not boring you at all.
This is one I found.
I have this vinyl.

Its worth listening to.

How is this called “Funk”?
I dont remember. :laughing:
Drummer is good!


I’ll add the band UFO. I always thought they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

As a side note I saw them warning up Rush at Cobo Arena in Detroit Michigan. and they were practically booed off the stage (More like it was just quiet - people were ignoring them) because people wanted Rush. They weren’t playing bad, it was just one of those things. I felt sorry from them.

PS I had this album.

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Of course I never heard from!
Lets go on.
Hey friends here, nothing to add?
I am sure you could.

UFO : There is a little bit from Uriah Heep in their style… .

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I liked Uriah Heep! I saw them once or twice back in the day at Cobo.

Here’s another good 1 from them.

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I know UFO and Uriah Heep. So those are well known bands😀

Didnt know UFO, but of course Uriah Heep.

What about this one?