Exclusive Details | Award-Winning Feedback for Liberty 2nd Generation Earphones

I mentioned in the last Core Update that I’d be dropping some hints and exclusive news about the all-new Liberty true wireless earphones, so here I am, following through on that promise and giving you your first sneak peek :star_struck:

As you probably already know, a Grammy Award is the music industry’s highest honor. So Soundcore decided to reach out and work with some of the most accomplished Grammy Award winning Audio Engineers to take our new true wireless earphones to the next level.

The result is something quite extraordinary! To give you some deeper insights into the New Era of Sound we’ve been teasing, I’ve been given some of the feedback from two Audio Engineers to exclusively share with you all today!

First up we’ve got:

Darrell Thorp

  • Nine-Time Grammy Award-Winning Audio Engineer
  • Based in LA
  • Has Worked With: Radiohead, Beck, The White Stripes, Foster the People, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Many More

“They feel good in the ear… And they sound amazing… I love the imaging and detail. Perfectly bright, the midrange is great and not harsh.”

He then followed it up with:

“I must say you guys really hit it out of the park…”

I hope, like me, your excitement levels are going through the roof at this point :raised_hands: could this be one of the best true wireless earbuds of 2019?

(Note: I can’t reveal the name of the earphones that he’s talking about in this post!) :zipper_mouth_face:

Secondly, we have:

Cassidy Turbin

  • Five-Time Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer
  • Based in LA
  • Has Worked With: Beck, Storefront Church, Keyon Harrold, Paige Stark, Sebastien Izambard and Many More

Cassidy gives us some really fascinating insights into the earphone’s sound quality:

“One of the most salient aspects of these is the clarity and harmony you get between low and high frequencies”

“The low-end frequencies below 200Hz come through clearly without being hyped like nearly ALL other headphones or earbuds. I don’t need that extra boost. Music will have that if the artist wanted it. The low-mids between 200 and 800Hz are clear and colorless. It really makes for a clean, not overly-resonant listening experience. The mid and high frequencies come through without sounding distorted or harsh even at their loudest volume. There’s a clarity I’ve discovered listening to 50’s remastered jazz records. I can hear page turns and horn players breathe between phrases. The [PRODUCT NAME] put you in that studio recording.

What are your thoughts on these revelations?

Aside from the sound quality, he also spoke about the build and design:

“Lastly, I’m pretty self-conscious when it comes to wearable technology. But I honestly forget I’m wearing these. They don’t stick out far, nor have an antennae like some other brands. And their sleek design works with my minimalist lifestyle. All in, they’re a 10/10.”

I wish I could add more quotes from more people, but that’s all I can reveal in this post. There’s just one more thing which might interest you:

So, what stood out to you? And what other details are you hoping will be revealed? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Another fantastic read, Hannah :smiley:

Awesome! Im super exited for these earbuds!

Are you willing to share any of the negative feedback that they gave? If you want to be fully honest you will…!

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Nice reads! Great job Soundcore :clap:

Excitement is building up! September 26th it is then for the big announcement!

Now I’m interested even more, that one artist talked about the low frequencies and that’s where I find most wireless earbuds fail as they try to hype it up and end up boosting the mids instead. If these truly are great for low frequencies then you have a winner and you need to let me win a pair :+1:

Guess I will hold off buying for a few weeks to see if anything new appears. :grinning:

Wait? Coupon? What did I miss?

New Soundcore headphones / earphones debut on Sep 26th… so … that’s the excitement!

If you register with your email address then you should receive an early discount code for when its released

You are getting everyone super stoked for these @Hannah, great article!

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Starting to think holding off the Liberty gen 1’s was a good idea now :grin:


Looking forward to it!

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awesome! can’t wait to see what else you release about them.

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The suspense is maddening! :grimacing:


Maddening, but totally worth it :smiley:

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I’ve been telling Anker/soundcore about my expertise n experience as a sound tech, bit never interested … Now some bloke gets an award and suddenly you want sound techs .

I could’ve done this job for a lot less, but you cared not

Register HERE.

I love how the YouTube video title totally gives away the name. :laughing: My speculation was correct…

Liberty 2 Pro it is.

Hopefully Liberty 2 is launched soon, too!

I said this from the beginning, not the name but the product type.