Experience/more info with the Soundcore coupons yet?

Does anyone have more info or experience with the Soundcore coupons yet? Has anyone exchanged their notes for a coupon?
Can they stack? Is there a minimum order amount specific to each coupon?

Now it would be great if @Loz responded and made everything crystal clear for us but I of course welcome all the speculation! :rofl:

Perhaps a PM to @Loz would help clarify?

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Already tried that :grin:

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But then only I would have the info.

You could share it with us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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@loz after launching the Soundcore Collective:


Hey, @Loz has been way more active then AnkerOfficial ever was. Don’t judge

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To be honest ankerofficial use to be really active, up until last year and they added more workload to their plate. Now its 2 or 3 people running it instead of 1

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I feel more and more like the first person to use a coupon should give a product-esque review just to explain their experience… Maybe some photots and pros and cons :sweat_smile:

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And thus another thread lol

Hey guys, good questions. You can buy as many coupons as you like, but you can’t combine them during a purchase.

How much do you love waking up, getting some breakfast, coming into the office or logging in at home yo find 100+ notifications lol. Appreciate the info sir, that clears up a lot now.

Man that’s a shame.

I wish they were more giftcards then coupons, and therefore combinable.

but then people would just exploit the exchange ratio differences and only get $10 coupons.

Understandable, it could be exploited in some way I’m sure.

This is what I was referencing.

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All they need to do it fix that, and make
Larger coupons a better value.

Well yeah but that’s unlikely. Similar to not matching Amazon prices on Soundcore.com

So then comes the next question:

If you don’t use all the value of a coupon in a single order, can you use it again?