{expired} [CA] Spirit - X2 - limited time deal - Costco $84.99

Not a bad deal if you like the looks of the spirit x2…

Costco has these listed as limited time deal for $84.99

Costco.ca link out

As I wear glasses, they wouldn’t do me very well.

Edit: blaming the glasses and the ipa… note these are the X2s… thanks Duane :slight_smile:


May want to update the thread. That would be the X2. Spirit X goes for about 25 to 40 dollars depending on the sales. LOL

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Welll phhht… thanks… I blame the milkshake ipa… passion fruit yumminess…

Milkshakes will do that. :rofl:

Heck, I have times where I thought I wrote something and then go back to look at it and realized that I should not try to write stuff if I am sleepy.

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Nice deal I have these pretty good just not great with glasses but otherwise a nice deal

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Thanks for providing a good price opportunity.
I wish you a tasty cocktail! :wink:

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