[EXPIRED] Walmart - Flare 2 ONLY $29.00



Verry nice

That’s a smoking hot deal :fire: . Thanks for sharing! :+1:

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I absolutely got in on it, i have been drooling over the Party Flare for 2 years now!! I got two one for each side of the house. Finally at a price i can withstand paying. I love my previous generation though quite a bit. I use my other one for my kitchen, connected to my computer screen.

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Nice profile pic!!


3 out of 4 of my family are big fans of the show.

Picked up two of them also got the party2.

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In store they are still 79.

How do you like the Party 2? I got it as well and it sounds pretty awesome to me.

Freaking love it. I wonder why it wasn’t promoted like the motion boom plus.

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Smokin…. Can even choose blue I believe for same price…

Hopin not a refurb,…


Well that sale is over. It is on sale for 59. Wonder if there was a oops and a mixed up number… There seemed to be a lot of folks that bought them at that price as it looked as if it was over a 1000 based on some info they were showing. Good either way for those that got them.

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I missed out :frowning:
Verizon had a 50% off deal, but they are out of stock

I picked one of those Flare2 thru Verizon app… Helluva deal for 40 clams w/tax… just got it 2 days ago Free shipping… Sounds pretty good in the house… I also have MotionBoom & MotionBoomPlus, & 2 stereo paired Tribit StormBox Blast

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