Extended White Noise feauture

Please, add more white noise. You have introduced a great feature in your app :heart_eyes:. Now it should be extended :blush:

Are there different types of White Noise?
Sorry about my question, but I have never tested this and don’t know what it is good for,
nor I use the app.
I was reading its good to use when sleeping.
But if I would have to sleep in a loud surrounding I would use simple foam earplugs.
And I remember often I lost such ones when travelling somewhere in the bed and never found it again.
But the loss of such a cheap thing is not so hard.
Losing one earbud is bad.

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Several do like the white noise added but there is potentially 2 white noised depending on the device you have. Some devices have an interface that has a white noise built into a specific device interface and there is a white noise apps interface.

So which white noise needs to be changed. A specific devices white noise (ie q30 -has a white noise and you have sliders to just play any or all at once) or the apps white noise.

The app currently has 39 different types vs to say 9 to 10 from the device.

I think the best option would be to figure out what white noises you would want for your wishlist and then send an email to their support email and ask that those be added. Support is good about sending that and the techs have made improvements base on customer feedback.

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It’s usually best to E-Mail Support with product requests.