Extremely poor battery backup in Liberty 2

An example- I connect the buds to my phone and put into ears, it shows 60 % battery, whithin 2 mins it shows 40 % and exactly after next 4 mins it alarms low battery and shows 20 % battery, at last after next 2 -3 mins it again alarms low battery.

This is the incidence that happened a few minutes ago and similar ones have happened time and again in past with me. Now reporting to you.

Now I test it once again properly, if not satisfied, I will return these.

Although this is a place where you can ask for potential help from community members, I would suggest to contact service@soundcore.com

You may want to provide a better scenario of what is going on like…

I have been charging the Liberty 2 for a few hours and when I took out the earbuds after they were charged, the battery is just going dead in 3 minutes.

They will ask if you have used different cables and plugs to charge the device. They will also probably ask to charge them after the case is reset potentially.

The service department will get you set up correctly with a new pair if there is an issue.

I have the Liberty 2 and they are a pretty good earbuds and they are a pretty good set of earbuds.

You should clean the contacts of the charging box.
Check the real play time of the buds.
How long does it take from the status “full charged” to a "total drop down "when in use at about 50% volume?