False “New Topics” tab

I keep getting on here, and opening the menu tab, to see 1-3 new topics everytime.

Only thing is, when I open the tab, there aren’t actually any new topics.

I am going to assume it’s a glitch…

Is anyone else having this problem?

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Yep, I am too.

I keep seeing 2 new topics… Every time…

It is a glitch OR Soundcore Admins have some new thread ready but yet to publish to all…

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I reported it in the suggestion thread earlier.

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Sorry, somehow I missed that :sob:

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I think I know which new thread may come up here for which we are seeing this false “New” topic :smiley:

The problem is only getting worse. I am now getting false notifications for direct replies…

Anyone know the account to contact about issues like this?

I saw this happen in the morning. Also seeing false notifications for “new” and “unread” items.

@Loz and Soundcore Crew is the team to reach out to, as you have known for sometime.

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Mine has done it once or twice, but now it’s just gone crazy!

Unread count and more…

I have false notify as well. I think when they updated something, I hit notification as yes. I then started to get multiple pings as if it was pinging on past notifications as well.