Favorite Features of LifeQ30

Oops! Butchered my first post- apologies.

I am loving the ANC of my LifeQ30’s. I had the Bose as my first pair and these I feel are just as good if not better. Totally rockin’ tha thangs!

The Equalizer is my favorite feature so far.

I was wondering if anyone could/would tell me about the features of the subscription to Soundcore app. It’s a bit pricey so I’m hesitant I was curious to see if it’s a must-have as well.

  • I want to hear all the details of the features I could get if I were to start paying for Soundcore.
  • I feel my category will attract a lot of global opinions that will help guide me through the App. As I am newly disabled and need assistance ESPECIALLY with electronics. (Severely electronically challenged)
  • The over-the-ear headphones are definitely a hot product. What other headphones do they outshine?

I thought its free.

No services to pay for the app. App is to support the earbuds functionality and their brand per say.