Favorite musicians

What are some of your favorite musicians?

Berliner Philharmonic

Pinchas Zukerman


You are in classics, great!

Piano: Friedrich Gulda, Alfred Brendel,Maria Joao Pires
Voiline: Helene Grimaud, Maria Sophie Mutter

But there is not space enough to list them all, believe me.

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One group (choir) I’ve really been listening to lately is the university of Utah singers. It’s a really talented choir :+1:


Lauren daigle and Daney Gokey are some of my favorites, they are both christian singers.

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@TechMan I’m always on the lookout for good choir arrangements. Any Christmas ones you can recommend?

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Are these to sing or listen to?

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To sing. I like John Rutter, but are there others you might recommend?

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If you like Rutter, I highly recommend Eric Whitaker and Dan Forrest.

Whitaker doesn’t have any specifically “Christmas” songs (to the best of my knowledge) but he does have some beautiful winter themed pieces (if you have a winter performance or something).

Forrest has several good Christmas pieces (I believe all Christian [sacred]). Most notable, “the first Noel”. I believe that it was rated the top chorus piece a few years back. I personally know Forrest, and he is a very nice man.

I’ll get back to you later with more suggestions.

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David Crowder, Victor Wooten.


Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck, Crooked Still, Tycho, Emancipator, Tool, Sarah Jarosz, Colter Wall, Shane Smith and the Saints, Zoe Keating… this list goes on a gets even more eclectic.


WHOA! Another Crooked Still fan? One of my favorites recently has been HawkTail, a very similar (and talented) band.

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Yeah they’re one of my favorites. I’ve even seen them in concert! I’ve also seen Aoife O’Donovan twice - once solo and once with “I’m With Her”.

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Zakk Wylde

or Peter Frampton


I used to enjoy Hillsong.

And going back, ray Bevan (who I know farely well) was doing some great gospel at the time.

It was more rocky than most gospel at the time.

@TechMan Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to take a look. Do you have a favorite piece or two?

Hmm, not in any particular order but by genre of the ones I’m playing most often recently (so current favourites)

Rock - Queen
Pop - Phil Collins
Country - Darius Rucker
Classical - Vanessa Mae
Opera - Maria Callas / Andrea Bocelli
Orchestral / Film - Hans Zimmer (mainly his 80’s stuff)
Jazz - Art Pepper

Not bad, but there’s something very special about welsh male Voice choir

TURN IT LOUD, and tell me… This isn’t amazing

Dan Forrest:

  • Noel
  • Entreat me not to leave thee

Eric Whitaker

  • glow
  • lux aurumque

Very nice. Our choir has been working on Mendelssohn.

Regarding choir (Operas) I think the absolute master of this Genre was Guiseppe Verdi.