Favorite Soundtrack

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Probably the Jurassic park soundtrack. There are so many good movie soundtracks.

Whenever someone wants to start listening to classical music, I generally direct them to John Williams music first. It sort of gets people into classical music (ish), so they can fully appreciate the true classical music later.

I like the footloose, Cry-baby, and the ghost soundtrack.

The Greatest Showman for sure.

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Cheesy but it does have some good tunes…

As to favourites, way too many in my 800+ CD collection but I would narrow mine down to the following;

  • Schindler’s List (John Williams)
  • Ghost & The Darkness / The Omen / The Final Conflict (Jerry Goldsmith)
  • Black Rain / Day’s Of Thunder & Angels and Demons (Hans Zimmer)
  • Braveheart / Bicentennial Man (James Horner)

I was talking about this already.

Pretty side this one came first :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you want the Cheese, my guilt pleasure soundtrack is That Thing You Do!

John Wick 3 - Cycle Samurais is my favorite sound track… very indulging and interesting one!

I have to agree. Jurassic park for the win.

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I still really enjoy listening to the Drive soundtrack

Kill Bill :wink:

Fast and Furious soundtracks are pretty good for me.

Chariots of Fire is another I enjoy

Can’t listen to that without laughing. I’ve seen so many parody’s on it haha