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Most or Majority of sites have a search option, which helps members search for products… does not have an option to search products, all the items are listed as Speakers or Headphones. Came across this when I tried looking for Wakey and there was no web search option. With more and more products released, search option helps people search for the product they are looking for.

How many of you think that a search option needs to be included on

  • Include Search option on
  • No, we can live without it

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It’s silly that they don’t have a search bar.

That’s the toned down version of what I was going to say. That’s how bad it is

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Hope they include it sooner, make the main store site useful

They need to have all products listed first before a search bar would be functionally useful


It’s more like …which one came first, the chicken or the egg?

Either ways both the search option and inclusion of all audio products into Soundcore site (such as Wakey and more) would make it more useful…

Search would be a good place to start…

It needs both tbh.

I’m just waiting till the Soundcore website supports orders to the UK🕒

@Loz @Hannah do you guys think the search option and web site update are items Soundcore is considering to update?