Film music and composers

We were talking so many different things here about music.
What about , film music and their composers?
This theme occurred to me today.

For example:
Miklos Rosza,
Nino Rota,
Ennio Morricone,
John Barry,
John Williams,
James Horner,
Hans Zimmer.
et al.

Need not forget Klaus Doldinger composed the music from one of my favorite films

And last not least Stanley Kubrick using classical themes in his film.
His films are really highlights of cinematic art.

PS: I am not strolling around at the Oktoberfest. :grinning:
This is more a party of young folks.

What would happen if I such an old jerk would dance on the table and fall down.
More than headache! :joy:

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I love Williams and Kubrick. The others have some great pieces too.

Goldsmith, Williams, Horner & Zimmer are my favourites (alongside Richard Band).

Zimmers 80’s & 90’s stuff was his real heyday, most of his recent stuff is the same recycled atmospheric droning (outside of the Da Vinci Code / Angels & Demons)

New names, Neil.

I am not so cineastic (sic) .
Didnt watch much the new stuff.
Get really stuck to the old ones.
Much too much!