Firmware motion x600

my motion x600 speaker’s firmware won’t update and is stuck at version 4.2.1 The other motion x600 is instead updated, I also tried on another mobile phone with a different account and nothing to do, why?

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Hi paolomipa,
Are you sure you have version 4.2.1?
Mine is at 3.2.1 and shows no update.

It’s worth watching Alan Ross’s test (he covers the speaker in several videos). He is pretty much the only reviewer on YoutTube who tells us what the X600 is really like (not the best speaker ever, as many paid reviewers claim …).
Specifically to answer your question. It is true, this is a video from 2 months ago, but according to these, the situation hasn’t changed. In it, he says that there are 4 (!) different firmwares ( 3.2.1 - 4.2.1 - 4.2.8 - 4.2.9 ) currently in use, which differ in sound.

I would take Alan’s review with a pinch of salt. The x600 sounds really good. Unless you’ve heard it yourself I wouldn’t mark this review, it’s only one out of many and he’s influencing you and critizing other reviews that says it’s good.

It’s a great sounding speaker, you’ve really got to either have bad of hearing, be ignored by soundcore :crazy_face: or just a bass head with no sense of dynamic highs to dislike this speaker.

I’ve had it since it first came out and I’m on the latest firmware. Both my girlfriend and I are amazed at the sound, and I play all the music under the sun.

Things to consider when playing through BT is the quality of the codec being played, could be badly mixed also. But I use YT music, Spotify premium and don’t have complaints.

You’ve got a really good house speaker here and the sound spreads very nicely.

This is the problem! Unfortunately, there are very few honest reviews. In my opinion, Alan is one of them (and Oluv, but he’s not very active these days).
Don’t tell me you can take seriously statements like “the best speaker I’ve heard” (dude, you haven’t heard much). Neither I nor Alan are saying it’s bad, but it’s nowhere near as good (especially for the price/value) as most people claim. Do you have any other Anker / Soundcore speakers?
I have a Motion+ and a Boom. Both have their drawbacks. The two should have been “put together” by Soundcore, but unfortunately they didn’t do that.

And can you tell us on which one? Because that was actually the question. :wink:

By the way, have you watched (but mostly listened to) the linked test? There is a pretty distinct difference in sound between the firmware. So I ask you honestly: is this really “the best speaker”?

Finally, yesterday I received the latest update on the second device, now I can adjust the pulsating lights on both speakers. The speakers sound really good, the details are truly impressive and sometimes you need to adjust the equalizer to adjust the slightly sharp treble. Even at very low volume they are perfect.

Which one?

Lights? On X600?:hushed:

Sorry, I was referring to the brightness of the buttons.