Firmware update 3.58 f..ed up my brand new Liberty 3 pro's

I updated the the firmware in my Liberty 3 pro’s two days ago, to version 3.58, and they haven’t functioned correctly since then.
The left earbud is constantly connecting and disconnecting as in some kind of a loop.
The app screen is shifting accordingly making it impossible to do anything.
I have reinstalled the app, done a factory reset of the buds but nothing solves the issue.

Have anyone else had the same experience?
I’m pretty disappointed and furious as I’ve only had them for 2 weeks and they are aparently already f…d up by a firmware update.

I don’t own these so can’t advise authoritatively.

Short version - TWS buds is a wrought with risks and easily breaks.

Long version - This kind of problem can arise if the buds got out of sync with each other and/or the data connection (which is other than headset and headphone) failed and/or something else nearby paired with one of the buds.

So what you have to attempt to do is get the buds to sync to each other and/or delete all historical records of pairings and/or remove the other rogue connection. Can’t tell on an individual case which so these is the fault so an overkill try-everything approach.

  • (ensuring the reset signal gets to both buds) Clean the case inside buds connection and the buds. Use isopropyl alcohol. This step removes the possibility the case is not sending the reset signal to both buds. Let the case and the buds dry.
  • (checking the case is sending reset signal) Plug the case into power, ideally for hours if you have patience.
  • go to somewhere away, somewhere else, in case something rogue connected to one of the buds. A park would be a good example to visit.
  • Follow the reset instruction.
  • Wait. At least a minute. Some have found the reset takes longer and have rushed so not done a reset properly. Hence after reset (to force at least a minute) also do
  • delete phone pairing, turn off phone bluetooth
  • If on Android, delete the cache. Boot to recover, wipe cache (not data), boot. This will have killed a minute probably.
  • Turn on bluetooth. Pair.
  • It works now?

Worse case is to contact

I would contact the support.

As others have mentioned, I’d contact Customer Support.

As I read this again, I am wondering what you mean when you said the app screen screen is shifting???

What is the device you are using for the app? I wonder if it is the device and it may not have allowed a full update got interrupted. They may be able to maybe push the update out again…

I had the exact same thing happen with my L3P’s. Firmware update hosed the left earbud. Same disconnecting loop in the app and couldnt do anything. I had to contact support and they swapped them out under warranty. Wasnt great but they took care of it pretty speedily.

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Glad they could have helped you with a new pair. Wonder what had hosed them.