Firmware Update for Liberty 3 Pro (L3P) v04.75

I received an Update for my L3P today (1-20-22). I think some people will be happy with this Update. Mine went from v04.71 to v04.75

I’m testing it as I’m typing and so far, so good!

Whats New:

  1. Improved Compatibility for Multi-point Connections
  2. Improved Stability of Bluetooth Connection.

It took awhile for this update to be installed/applied so please be patient while it’s installing. :+1:

I’m listening to Dave Mason - Look At You, Look at Me and these Earbuds really sound good. I’m not easily impressed, but the L3P’s continue to impress me. :clap:


What to say?
There is a song!

I am sure you know it!

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Excellent Tune @Chiquinho. :clap:

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Here’s the song I was listening too @Chiquinho. I’m sure you probably know it. Excellent Guitar Riff starting at about the 4:40 mark. :clap:

PS I ripped it from my own CD in FLAC.


Oh there is one we should never forget!

What version is better?

BTW One of the greatest hits ever.

If someone s ripping CD FLAC is a must :grinning:


It’s funny you should mention The Eagles Hotel California. I have that CD and I’ve had the whole thing on repeat recently. It’s a masterpiece. :clap:

PS The Studio Version is my favorite!


Steve I know a lot about the music from these times.
I was/am a musician and can recognize excellent quality.
May be I should publish some groups which were excellent but never recognized.
I will start a thread.


@Steve976 You always have a faster update. On Tuesday I only got 4.71 :slightly_smiling_face:.

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We, those few over the pond, are always the second! :grin:

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I get to be the test subject (AKA Guinea Pig). :rofl:


Was trying to update but then noticed i got this update already 1 week ago

Did this update fix the issue where sound was cutting out? I returned two pairs because of that issue. Worked great other than that.

I never really had an issue with sound cutting out. I use LDAC, but live in a rural part of NE PA. If you live in a congested city, Bluetooth will have more interference IMHO.

That being said, part of the update was:
Improved Stability of Bluetooth Connection.
So I can only assume if it was a problem, it’s been improved.

It is not only how dense is amount of BT devices in the area, it is also country specific. There’s 3 countries worse than others.