Firmware version 1.29 for liberty 2 pro

Anyone having firmware update for version 10.29 fail?

Reset buds fully, then ensure take right bud out, pair, then accept immediately the L pair, if you didn’t before that then that’s a common cause of firmware update failure.

I haven’t gotten the option, yet. I’ll let you know if I have trouble when it shows up.

Agreed. I would make sure to keep them close as well

I haven’t had the option for it yet so maybe if it’s failing and the headphones still work was a little might be an issue on Soundcore send

Maybe they picked me for the guinea pig? Can you tell me the firmware version you have?

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I’ve been stuck on 1.28 for approximately 2-3 years. I really wish there would be updates to these things. Even an update like once a year just letting us know they are still thinking about us. I’m thinking I may need to purchase from more reputable brands like Sony to continue getting updates pushed to my products.