First big Covid music concert

Saw this and looks really interesting not really sure how well it will go for the future but glad to see they are trying. Also with it getting colder I’m not sure it will get any easier. Happy reading

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Ya I agree nice they are trying but jeeze the pics on there make it look so different than what everyone is used to :confused:

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Hmm… another way for the concerts but you will miss the crowd for sure …

I guess a first for this site - we’ve all seen articles about drive in concerts, and a number of other possibilities. Too many things still getting cancelled - friends were planning a “lemon car” race (limited budget, old cars, endurance racing vs higher speed) for december, and that just got cancelled. The people in the cars are pretty safe, but I guess it is still about support personnel.

I kinda like the idea of roped areas for groups. I’m always getting my blanket trampled on at concerts. Those ropes look really nice :star_struck:

Also, those bands are pretty good. I’d go to any of those shows.

Finally I chuckled inside when the “Free Times” had a popup for a subscription :laughing:

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Nice share!