First Charging Life Q35

I bought a Life Q35 and I have doubts related to charging.
Do I need to give it a full charge before using it for the first time?

I think they give that recommendation but I do not think everybody will do it.

Have fun with it for a few and then charge it depending on the battery level it is it.

If battery is at 10 percent you have 4 hours, 5 percent 2 hours, 20 percent 8 hours 30 percent 12 hours… So you should have enough time to play it and set it for charge at night.

So for as many that use it charges, you have just as many doing a charge and then playing.

I would do.

I have this charger.
I think he’s too weak right?
May have trouble loading

I believe it is a little weak. I think it is 5 v 2A.

I think it may charge but it would take a long time. If you have any other chargers, it

The Q35/Q30 has a very forgiving charging and battery life.

The battery is huge and really does last 2 days use, so you can charge it off a weaker charger if you want, just make use from any time not using headphones to recharge.

It actually is a 5V 1.65A need, but it only takes 1.65A when it’s 0%-75% full then takes around 1A. So you’ll only really notice the slower charging if it’s empty to full, you won’t really notice if you top-up when not in use.

The charging circuit protects from over and under charging, don’t worry about it, just use and enjoy.

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I always charge any tech to 100% when I first receive it. Not sure whether that is the right thing to do, or not, but it has never caused me any issues – so far!

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I’ve taken to the same process, as usually I don’t need to use immediately, so can take the time to charge to full.

Does neither good nor harm.

The only real advantage is the battery indicator are more accurate.

The cells lower their voltage and current together, once the current drops to a too little level, the corresponding voltage is remembered, then the voltage is used as a guide to capacity level.

Any charger is OK.

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