First Listen Liberty Pro 2

Just got my Liberty Pro 2’s in the mail. I currently have the Liberty Air’s and the Liberty Neo’s. These are far the best. Sound is very expansive and open sounding. Very comfortable with the ear cushions they came with. Tried smaller size, but I prefer a tight fit.

Speaking of fit, overall they feel very good. Fills my entire ear area. Because of this there is almost no wiggle makes the weight distribution very balanced. Doesn’t feel like they will fall out, but I haven’t tried any vigorous activities with these. Just been wearing them for a couple of hours and ears haven’t felt fatigue like many others tend to do.

Love the design of the charging case. Rubberized outside texture keeps oily fingerprints off. Way it opens is cool. USB-C and wireless charging are great. Charging case also magnetic grabs the headphones to keep headphones in place when if you turn the case upside down with the lid open. Only really issue I have with headphones is trying to figure out which is right and which is left. And the control buttons are a bit sensitive just putting headphone in and out.

Soundcore app is very nice. Works well on my IPhone XR . Volume control on Apple Watch Series 5 seems a bit lagging, but that may be the watch. I have other Anker bluetooth speakers I need to connect to this app. Tried the HearID feature on the app and that was very interesting how it tested each ear with different frequency levels to customize each ear to your particular hearing abilities. I do wear hearing aids to mild hearing loss. Allows for retest, so you can fine tune settings.

Has a lot of preset equalization settings. Haven’t really tried these yet as it sounds so good out of the box haven’t had a need to alter the sound. The bass is very impressive with these headphones. Sounds like I am wearing a big over the ear set of headphones. Bass really goes low and sounds extremely deep. Mids are good. High’s are clear and not tinny as some headphones I have tend to be. The Bluetooth 5 works well. No latency detected which allows for some nice imaging.

What could be improved with these? Not much. While the charging case is top-notch I prefer cases to more rugged, meaning somewhat water resistant.

A definite recommended product. I have purchased a lot of Anker products over the years and only once had to use support which was a good experience.

*** UPDATE ***
After using these for a few days and they still sound great. Bass is very intense, so much so that I might need to try one of the EQ settings for certain types of music. Call quality is very good. The comfort of these headphones cannot be understated. So many headphones I own now, I find myself constantly adjusting the headphone as they start to move or slip out of position. On a few brisk walks, these stayed put.

Still love the case. The magnetic grabs make it so easy to pop these back in the case and I am getting used to figuring out which is left and right, :smile: Wireless charging works great. Still getting used to the one-button controls. Did have one Bluetooth connectivity issue, but that was easily fixed.

One last note on sound quality. These sound as good as a studio-quality “wired” headphone I have. While walking, I could literally hear the musicians in the background adjusting instruments. I had to listen twice to make sure how much subtlety I could hear from these headphones. These literally stopped in my tracks and listen to things I rarely hear from any headphones. I can’t get over how expansive these sound. I almost feel like I am listening to some speakers and not headphones.

My only regret about these now is not buying a second pair at pre-order pricing for my fiancee so she could enjoy these over her Air Pods.


Great preliminary review! Any chance of getting some pictures?

I didn’t know the case has a rubber texture, but i definitely like the idea.

Thanks for the comments. Some photos.image image image


Great review!! I can’t wait to get mine!! Just wish they would give me an update on when to expect them… :pleading_face:


This is really a great feature.
We were talking about this.
If this really works, its perfect.

By the way, your review is perfect too! :smiley:

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I know, right? You think there would be some news.
Soundcore :clock1::clock1::clock1: Is this the only member to receive?

I think I’ve seen a few others post about getting theirs. I’m just waiting and hoping I open the mailbox one day and there they are!!

They just need to give us tracking numbers so we can see more details or at least an expected delivery date. I am surprised I was one of the first to get this being all the way out in Texas. I know y’all will enjoy these headphones.


Great review and love the pictures. Can’t wait for my package…

Mine are stilllll processing. I refresh multiple times a day hoping that updates.

You mentioned they are better than Neos and Air. Can you rank them?

I know rob ranks the neos above the airs

Great review and it is good to know about the comfort as well.

Here is my rankings for the headphones I have.

Liberty Pro 2 - 1
Liberty Neo - 2
Liberty Air - 3

Liberty Neo do sound pretty good, but I have an issue with comfort and fit with these. Not sure why these don’t fit well in my ears, I am having to adjust them about every 5 minutes. This might sound a bit finicky, but I definitely have a issue removing the Neo’s from the case.

Liberty Air’s are fair sounding. Comfort and fit for me is better then the Neo’s.

For me Anker got the comfort and fit of the Liberty Pro 2 right on. For this is one of the biggest feature of the headphones. To be honest, most headphones sound decent. These stand out for the expansive sound and incredible bass response.



I’m in Texas as well, but mine are delayed until the 31st :sob: