First Look and the new Liberty 2 Pro + (Upgraded)

I wasn’t able to catch the full stream the other day but at the start, he does show off the new plus version which is supposedly an upgrade on the original liberty 2 pro so many of us here on the community have loved. I know there have been posts about it being teased on the app and then finally posts of it being available on Amazon so I guess this is the first official look by someone most of us on the community know and trust.

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Bluetooth in this version has a 2Mbit max. LDAC has 330 660 990 kbs modes.

LDAC auto is when it is set to auto adjust between 330 660 990.

It only takes a half bluetooth signal strength for 990 to be at it’s maximum. If the signal drops further you have two options. Either force hold the 990, so you have dropouts, or let it drop down to 660 or 330.

The developer mode and the app screens imply they have set LDAC to 990 unless you prefer connection quality then it changes to auto to reduce dropouts.

You can imagine a “Liberty 3 Pro”.

I can read around 5x faster than people can speak so I personally find youtube as the worst quality source of knowledge. Speaks.Too.Slow. So this guy I had to 2x speed-up to get to a reasonable pace of speech.

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Thanks for sharing. :+1: