Fit not great gonna wait on full review

So im gonna wait to give a full review. On my last post I said I’d give a full review in about a week but imma wait till I get better eartips. I’m planning on getting memory foam eartips I found ones made for the Liberty 3 pros. I just know but my left ear fits great with the second biggest eartip so I thought my right ear would be the same and it fit ok. Then over time it got looser so I used the biggest one. But again it got looser which is frustrating because it seems my ear is stretching :sweat_smile:.


Hope that there is no surgery needed! :rofl:

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We are waiting for a full review as well :grinning:

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Will wait with my ears wide open. Not stretching though… :rofl: It is better to get a full review than a quick thought about it.


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Let me tell you, the elder you get the more some certain parts of the body are growing:
eg. feet, nose, ears.

But there are some parts shrinking as well
Guess! :rofl:

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:rofl: Not even including potential ear hairs growing in the ears, or other things like ear sweat.

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This is the very beginning of these strange change processes.
Believe me!

(Male menopause) :rofl:

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Lol :laughing: what the heck bro

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The full review is coming


well I wish I had this problem , for me I have the smallest tip and it still is to tight. As for hairs growing in your ears I suggest waxing for @Duane_Lester and @Chiquinho :rofl:

I never mentioned hairs lol :laughing: