Fitness, no sports, but relaxing!

Regarding fitness, we all might not forget this is not sports only.
I like to sit quiet relaxed and listen with my Soundcore speakers to MY music.
This relaxes and is as good for body and soul as sports might be.

Now listening to “Madame Butterfly” with the ZERO:
Makes me fit for to go to bed!:wink:


Never heard of listening to music as “fitness” but I’ll definitely use that excuse :crazy_face:.

I usually count work as exercise :wink:

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Fitness for your mind, for your soul…

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I relax all the time with Soundcores

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When listening to music which you like
its a kind of fitness exercise for your heart, your soul, your mind.
And what will be a well trained, fit body do without a “fit” heart, soul and mind.

I have been listening to “zen” music while doing my exercises for my knee rehabilitation. It is quite peaceful and invigorating when all said and done. The zero is a big help for this, but I found I like the two flares with them opposite sides of me to be more empowering aside remorse myself into the sound

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Only one Flare here, :smiley: but I think you understand what do I mean.
Not only the body needs “fitness”, the soul and mind also.
Music is so important for human beings whatever kind of we are listen to.
Its so widespread, so deep and emotional, so I think it is really a part of us.
With Soundcore we are in it! (advertising)

I can absolutely see the mentally “fit” aspect music listening. It really helps me recenter myself when I get frustrated or anxious. But for some reason I listen to music and then feel a need for physical movement, even a simple walk so I really think of it like motivation. Heck, give me some tunes and Ill even mow my lawn without groaning

That’s the cooperation of body and soul.
Because of this I was talking about not to see speakers and earbud only for bodily fitness.
Much more important the mental fitness -> MUSIC!
But of course:

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

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When not working I got my soundcore speakers playing when my friends come over we sit around playing cards and drinking. :grin:


I walk my dog daily, so this is a thing I actually never think about. You know, relaxing lol. We have well over 1000 miles in the past 2 years.

Isnt it amazing how dogs drive ya? I thought my keeshond was hard to keep up with. My 2 year old is a machine, but luckily he loves moving to music too.

It is sad to think how much we have done, but I love doing it with him. Every night without fail, rain or shine/darkness lol

Music can also help with “mental fitness”. I like to put on some ambient music at the office to help drown out the nearby conversations when I need to focus.

You’re lucky you can.

8 years in a call centre, I wished I could have turned on n tuned out! Instead the shouting was always down the headset… give me passport, it’s your fault I lost my passport And cant travel now. Etc etc

It’s not.real.surprise I have moderate hearing loss in both ears.

And this is partially why I never got into a call center myself. I have issues with maintaining a politically correct and sensitive filter anyway, first person that start screaming at me I would be hard pressed not to shoot back at em.

It is very hard not to.

The worst but at the same best section was for a mobile phone network company.

The calls at the end before they collapsed were like this… good morning you’re through to mac, how can I help
Help? You’re all fucking useless c nts!

From there I always got the customer round. As you can tell, I’m not.fussed over a few swest words. So long g as they didn’t get personal, I didn’t care.

But the.passport section was different. Foreigners would demand they were entitled and they weren’t :smiley:

It.was fun telling g them that!

I do understand.
But otherwise you get often really ignorant persons at those supports.
They know not much.

But of course the customer should stay polite even if its hard for him.

Example : Telekom Deutschland

My router didn’t work properly.
A lot of breakdowns not stable.

The fellow had his “to do list” and told me to do things to get out of that issue.
I stopped him very polite and told him I am a computer engineer those things you tell me will not help because I have tried those simple tricks of course before calling you.
(eg. on/off router :joy:)
Now he gave me the number of a specialist who was fit and we could solve the problem (really broken router).

Those support fellows are useful for simple issues only.

Most tech support, live by the acronym… picnic (problem in chair not in computer)

In other words, it’s always the user. So when a real problem occurs, they have to pass it on to technicians.