Flare 2 blinking Bass Up light

Anyone k ow why the bass up light (arrow up) flashes quickly when I have multiple speakers connected via partycast? Both flare 2 do it seems to be either one or the other. If you press it stops flashing for a bit then starts again.

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I would try a reset of the speakers.

Yes I did reset both Flare 2, still does it. Seems to be playing fine connected via Partycast to another Trance Go, just not sure what the flashing light means.

I would not care so much if the speaker are doing fine. :smile:

the flashing bass up light indicates that the soundcore flare 2 battery is low. if you connect it to power supply then the blinking will be slowing down, it indicates that the battery is recharging. when the battery is full, the light will stop blinking and you should disconnect it from power outlet immediately