Flare 2 bluetooth issues...still

So do they plan to fix the bluetooth issues with the Flare 2 or should I just return the two that I have and buy something else? I love the speakers, but the random cutting out is very annoying.

This is your only post.


Details about what? It’s a known issue that seems to be getting ignored.

What did support reply when you emailed them?

No reply as of yet.

Reset everything first.

Delete all your pairings on all devices.

Turn off Bluetooth on all devices.

Android: wipe cache, either reboot to recovery, wipe cache, boot , OR settings, apps, system processes, Bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot.

Reset the speakers. Search if you don’t know how yet.

Setup again.

We shall see. I’ve done all that before. And it’s not something that should be done to a new speaker out of the box. Ridiculous.

Sometimes the pairing is bad and a reset required, it happens and you have to try it a couple of times.

When you email support state all the steps you have already tried to bypass their immediate PEBKAC reply and move to a replacement discussion.

If you don’t then its venting frustration which helps noone.

the frustration stems from a sub par product. “bad pairing”…really? it’s called a bug.

It could be a “bug”.
But if you havent done all the “remedies” you have been told,
its not possible to say its so.
There are bugs everywhere, not only in the speaker’s software.

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i’ve tried them all. and no one should have to do a reset on an out of the box speaker. get real!

Sorry to hear about your issue. Regarding your issue, I’m wondering whether you try the following steps to see if it helps:

  • Holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons for 2s-8s, after resetting, the speaker will turn off, and then turn on by itself
  • Try the speaker with another device.

Please note the Bluetooth signal may be influenced by obstructions, such as some clothes, walls, pillars, home appliances, Wi-Fi, etc. To ensure a stable connection, we recommend avoiding such obstructions.

If your issue is unfixed, please reach out to service@soundcore.com and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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“get real” @dwm1971?

Or maybe you need to start with the basic things in interpersonal relations: “please, thank you, sorry” - a bit of culture!


Well we’re all different, but in my case I

  • shy away from brand new products, wait for reviews.
  • select based on good reviews, ideally from owners.
  • go into forums to ask any outstanding questions.
  • buy
  • as I’ve done the above, the chance of issues is small, so if I do have issues then
  • it’s likely my own error so search for fixes, go back in forums
  • in a forum post I describe in detail my issue and what I’ve attempted so far.
  • if no forum fix then go to official support
  • if do get a fix then I share on forums, and I help others after me with similar issues.

I don’t vent vaguely, does none any good.

well goof if you could read you would see i have tried all of the “remedies” without success. move along.

perhaps stop ignoring an issue that is all over the internet and fix the problem. it’s hilarious that you people think that a product straight out of the box should require several attempts to clear a cache that’s already empty. i have had better success with a $10 bluetooth speaker than i have with this one. and yes, i’ll be returning both of them and getting something that works.

Thanks for your patience with an obviously frustrated user. I found this comment helpful, and it may have just solved my problem, too. Thanks again. Stephen