Flare 2, color profiles

My assessment of the Profiles in the Flare 2 app… just for fun. :slightly_smiling_face:

PARTYTIME: All colors-Bass/random, opposing ring directions… Color specific options/choices available.

PHASING: Same as Partytime, slower Color transitions, no ‘circular’ LED-ring motion (static) . Color specific options/choices available.

BOUNCINGBEATS: Similar to phasing, with top/bottom LED opposing ‘beat’ (high/low) separation. Color specific options/choices available.

CIRCLEBEAM: Opposing ‘circular’ colors (top/bottom) of your choice, without ‘beat’ consideration.

Please feel free to add/disagree…(I made my observations playing Slade, Run-Runaway).

I never switch on the lights of my flare minis.
Consumption of power.
And Ludwig van doesn’t like such a disco not fitting to his music. :laughing:

It is kind of cool that you can ‘choose’ different combinations or specific color(s)…for effect.

If ones likes its OK, I don’t.
We live in a world of sound and light pollution so I avoid it.

Can you choose with the mini as well?

I don’t have one, so I don’t know if the app interface is the same…but I’d think so.

I can change the modi of colour by pressing the knob on top of the speaker…
Don’t use the lights and that app.

If you don’t mind me asking, can you tell me about the sound quality? And how it is for small spaces?

Absolutely perfect.
( I do only little raise of the basses by eq)
I use my two Flares mini in my ca 16 sqm pensioner’s home office ,
in Stereo-mode (TWS)
Its about 30% volume, enough.

I really would recommend always to take 2 speakers if these can be used in Stereo-mode.
(Partcast speakers I don’t have, so I don’t know.)

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Does the Flare Mini even have App support? I thought it didn’t. :thinking:

I don’t know, don’t use app-

The older mini does not. They did an update to it a while back and the newer version has app support

AND : The older Flara mini has no lights. :smile:

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