Flare 2 colour light settings

Hello just a quick question, I recently bought a flare 2 and overall I’m quite satisfyed with it, the light settings are fun but more choices would be great. Does the app unlock more features? If so are they worth the time to download the app?

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Yea the app will have more functionality with it. Plus that is how you update the firmware for the speaker. You will more then likely have an update waiting on you.

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The lights are pretty nice and glad you got help from @Unnamed

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Here’s the pictures from the app. As you can see the extra customization that is added.

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Yes for sure, as already mentioned. You can also drag and drop or change the specific colours for each of the patterns within the app too

My fav is the cool breath in the blue.

You know, i have not even tried my light setting yet

Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. The only thing I can do with the app is change the color of the lights and mess with an equalizer, fun but kinda useless. Checked for an update and everything is current. The play store app pics have things like dj mode and several light settings the app seems to be lacking in these features. Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks you just simplisticly (in a good way) answered my question. Thanks

They are Pretty fun in a mild sense.

Some of the pictures shown might not be available for all products. The dj mode is for the party speakers I believe.

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