Flare 2 Firmware Update failed

I was notified through my Soundcore android app that my Flare 2 has an update. Presently, its firmware is version 1.37 and the update is version 1.40. Attempts to install only get: “An error occured. Please try again.”

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Go in to your profile at the bottom right and click my devices. Once in there slide left on the device and delete it. Then delete it from your Bluetooth device on your phone. Then reconnect everything and try again.


Awesome advice. It worked. All up to date. Thanks

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Thank you for your sharing. Please note that you can also hold the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons for 2s-8s, after resetting, the speaker will turn off, and then turn on by itself. After that, you can test it with another phone to manage it.

I have been on update 1.46, i had 2 more flare 2 which had 1.40 on it. It updated to 1.46 also my neo mini is also ver 1.46. Is this supposed be am I being hacked.