Flare 2 is shutting down at 50% battery

I ordered a Flare 2 at the prime days.
If the battery is full it runs fine.
If it is at about 50% the speaker turns off every few seconds.
In the beginning only if i move it or if i hear loud.
After a few minutes its on 50% volume the same.
Does somebody have the same problem?

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First of all I am sorry to hear about your problems with the speaker. I do not personally own the speaker but do have a couple questions. Have you dropped it recently? And when it is having the audio issues is the device you are playing the music from close and with in range.

That being said you should also be able to reach out to the soundcore support team since there should be a warranty on the device and they will be able to direct you to better possible solutions or replace the device if faulty. Hopefully others will be able to provide better advice. Please stay patient and thank you for reaching out. I hope this problem can be resolved soon and that you get to enjoy you flare 2 to its full potential



Similar question about range. Also how are you checking the battery level? Soundcore app on phone?

The phone is alwas about 2-3 meters in the same room.
Should be in range. The Flare arrived today. The first Test was without the app and i have thought its delivered with an empty battery.
I charged it and everything was fine. Then after a few hours the problems came back and on the app it was about 50% of battery life.
Right now im charging it again.
And i notice that the App shows way more battery life than the bluetooth manager of my phone witch i didnt notice before.
In the app its nearly full. The BT manager says 60%. I run it tomorrow till it happens again and look how the level on the BT Manager is. Maybe only the app shows wrong and the battery is empty.

But shoudnt it blink red ore something if the battery gets low?

Yes if battery is low, the power button should blink red. At least it does on Flare Mini so assuming it does on Flare 2 as well

Let us know what happens tomorrow. Also let it charge for some time and see. The power button or some light should either turn off or turn blue when fully charged

I was looking for a blinking light the last time, but didn’t see anything.
But i test it again.
I charge it to the complete max tonight and annoy my neighbors tomorrow.

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Before you try it out tomorrow you should reset the Bluetooth connection. Then reconnect and check the battery status.

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Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

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Today its different.
Yesterday blinked nothing and the speaker turned off and on again by him self.
Today the bass up botton is blinking and the app shows red at the battery life.
The speaker is shutting down one time and stays off. Shaking doesnt matter.
Seems ok now, but the battery only lasts for 3h and 15min.
I am a little disappointed with the battery life.

And yesterday there was no acoustic feedback.
Just no sound any more like if its running out of bt range. But thats not possible.
Everything a little weird.

And the leds turned off yesterday when the sound stops.
Then it was not the bt range.

I would reach out to soundcore here: * service@soundcore.com

I would definitely reach out to support they might have a better idea of what is going wrong and how to resolve the problem. Since it is the weekend they might not reply till Monday so try to be patient. I hope everything gets resolved for you soon. Please let us know how things go.

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I submit a warranty claim yesterday.
I think they will answer on monday.
Is 3 hours runtime possible at high Volumes?
I expected 6-7 hours like my motion+.

3 hours is super low even at full volume.
When advertised at 12 play time.
At full it expect at least 8.


Thanks, then i hope im getting a new one.
If it works like expected its a nice speaker i think.
Sound and volume are good for the money.
Even the bass is ok for the size if i dont go to max volume.

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they will most likely send you a new one is my guess unless they know how to solve the problem as is. Also, they may ask you to send the one that isn’t working back to them if it is a problem that hasn’t occurred before and they want to research to prevent happening again. I’m glad you reached out to them and hope that everything turns out well in the end for you.


Do you mean the light rings? If so, it might be because the rings were set to “sound sensing rhythm” option (idk the exact phrase/word but it basically tries to sense the beats and what not to put on a nice show. No sound = no beats = no light.

But battery life is definitely horrible so a defective piece for sure. Also if lights on buttons blink abnormally, that’s another good sign of some sort of malfunction. Maybe the brains inside need to be changed

I tested the rhythm modes and i dont like it.
I think it was the circle beam, or the mode that you cannot choose in the app.
But I can’t say it for sure today.