Flare 2 keeps restarting

I have 2x Flare2 speakers. Both restarting if the volume goes up to 60%-70% or more. I have tried one by one or both speakers connected. The result is the same. I beleive that this is happening after the latest firmware update.

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email service@soundcore.com with the serial numbers

Sounds like a firmware bug

It’s not normal. Contact vustomer support.

If I remember it, I will see if mine will have the same issue when I get back home in the next few hours.

Just to be sure what is the firmware version that you currently have?

The only current question other than that is how were they connected? Individually and it did it ? or Was it like after they were connected via Partycast?

Hey guys, I faced the auto restarting problem today and I resolved it. The way to fix this is to hard reset the speaker. There are many ways to reset the speaker and there are no clear instructions anywhere so I tried many methods and then it worked. Hold the Bluetooth button and the + (volume up) button together for more than 5 seconds. The lighting should stop and the speaker should restart immediately. If this does not work, try doing it multiple times. Another way is to hold the middle (sound core logo) button also known as the multi-function button and press the volume up button together for 5 seconds. If this doesn’t work try pressing the multifunction button, volume up button and the Bluetooth button together for more than 5 seconds. One should work. This could help: https://soundtechie.com/how-to-reset-anker-speaker/

Hi, I had tried to reset my souncore flare several times. But it won’t work. It will still auto restart when the volume is more than 50%. Anyone can help ?

The support can help.
The support is here to help.

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Agree… If a restart is not fixing it, it could be something else like a loose wire that as the more it vibrates is tripping something to restart it.

If it is under warranty, you should be able to get a new one after discussion with with the support…

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