Flare 2 - PartyCast - How does it work, the technology?

We have seen and heard a lot of web article and material on the Flare 2, the latest about 100+ speakers grouped.

PartyCast Technology: Link 100+ Flare 2 portable Bluetooth speakers to party into the next dimension—sound and light synchronize across every speaker for a seamlessly electrifying experience.

Soundcore has to really provide more details on how does it actually work?

Does the PartyCast require All the Flare 2 devices to be on same Soundcore account ?

Can these be on separate SoundCore accounts (for the Soundcore App)

Do all of the Flare 2 devices need to be in the SAME area or can they be dispersed, in different places, diffferent states / countries ( :slight_smile: i couldnt use more about it here)

Can we use multiple Bluetooth Sources from smartphone / tablet / PC, each owner joingin in and sharing?


Do the partycast require the Flare 2 devices to be on same Soundcore account, with Flare 2 devices connected to the same Soundcore account & one master Flare 2 paired to Smartphone / Tablet with Bluetooth as Source and Soundcore App (with single Soundcore account) then play out, and then initiate the PartyCast from the Soundcore app - Flare 2 devices then tether to each other via Bluetooth & Soundcore app in conjunction

Please provide more details on it :wink:


Found the videos created by Soundcore how the PartyCast works on Flare 2 . Adding videos here … hope it’s fine by Soundcore and I am not slapped with Copyright violation ( just kidding :joy::rofl: ) Could not find these on Anker / SoundCore sites / Youtube channels.

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Interesting question :thinking:

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Quite simple really. It works the same way that all the other stereo pairing of speakers work.

They connect to each other using Bluetooth, so they have to be near each other. They DO NOT have to be associated with the same soundcore account.

Flare 1 pairs to the source (phone or PC etc.), then flare 2 connects to flare 1 to receive the music. Then flare 3 connects to flare 2 to get the music. Them flare 4 pairs to flare 3 to get the music etc etc.

Btw the fact that they aren’t wifi enabled should have told you how they connect to each other.

The latency must be really good if it’s daisy chained like that…

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Yeah, watching video this way probably isn’t recommended :joy:

So where is the PartyCast getting initiated — Is this on the Soundcore App OR is it as simple as pairing Flare 2 with each other, daisy chained?

I thought this was an option on Soundcore app. :roll_eyes:

this is where Soundcore should have provided clear details on how the PartyCast would work…

About the delay, the Google Speaker Grouping has about 0 to 40ms for speakers, (there is more delay expected for the Soundbars and receivers per google documentaiton)

Will be interesting to see the delay when there are about 10+ Flare 2 grouped for PartyCast.

You don’t need the app to use partycast, you simply use the Bluetooth button on the flare.

O - man… I wouldn’t want the Partycast , happy with Google Home Speaker group…

I can only imagine the plight of a person attempting to “PartyCast” (rather Bluetooth Pairing Project ) a 100 speakers :smiley:

This solution works better for people coming to party with thier own Flare 2 speakers and pairing, than any individual.

If the pairing is like the ones on Flare mini, it works out for 2 speakers well, at max may be 3 or 4… but not a scale-able solution for 100…

this PartyCast has to have a better way than the Bluetooth pairing :-1:

But wifi wouldn’t work either because often Im at party’s without wifi…

Not everyone will be in a jungle doing a party … i do agree though, there is an audience for every product

I was thinking the same thing, by the time you get to the end that could be a really disorienting experience. Even a little audio mismatch will mess with your head.

Update …

Found the video from SoundCore showing how Flare 2 PartyCast works… this is not on SoundCore or Anker Youtube channels or on thier websites :frowning:

Hi @galaxy.zhang

Can you please let me know on the soundtrack being used for this Flare 2 video. Was it one from YouTube or a custom made audio by Soundcore?

Hi,this is the brand manager of Flare 2.

Actually,the first “Flare 2” speaker pairs to the source (phone or PC etc.), then all the other secondary “Flare 2” speakers would pair to the first “Flare 2" speaker. It is not connected like a chain,is like a circle. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi,both of the 2 videos you found,are generated by Soundcore team. The soundtrack music is selected by our video team.:blush:

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@galaxy.zhang thanks for the response, was it created newly by Soundcore team OR picked from online? It’s source :wink:

Video team selected the soundtrack from online paid music store. They are not created by soundcore team.
Why you want to know this? do you have any suggestion on the soundtrack selection?

The Soundtrack is awesome, I really like the tune :+1:

Wanted to check if this was from the Youtube tunes, which I could use for videos / uploads I do on my youtube channel for Soundcore items. Since you mention it is from paid music store, may be this is proprietary to Soundcore now.

Is the pairing from the base to the other speakers over bluetooth? The range on it seems much better than I would typically expect from bluetooth.

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