FLARE 2 speakers randomly start BLARING at extremely high volume for no apparent reason (while in restaurant)

New FLARE 2 speakers randomly start BLARING at extremely high volume for no apparent reason (while in restaurant) which of course is embarrassing to restaurant and irritating to guests dining-in. . enjoying nice relaxing music… Trying to figure out if this is a one-off issue or known issue to where I need to attempt to return and replace with same set? Don’t want to replace with the same kind if it’s a known issue. Please advise, going to return this this afternoon and either get another set or go with a different brand altogether---- thanks greatly…

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Strange issue indeed.
There is some more information needed.
What kind of device / OS are you using?

Where do you adjust the volume?
Speaker/ device?

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Well, it doesn’t seem to matter about the o/s – Originally, we were using an Android phone (app was installed), speakers were set manually by pushing the buttons to the proper volume then set in the restaurant. Later, usually within 15-30 mins ALL OF A SUDDEN - BAM! everyone’s covering their ears it just goes to seemingly FULL VOLUME… (we run out, apologize, turn down quickly by pushing on the buttons bc we couldn’t get to the app fast enough to try to control it back down there)… Last week, we tried again, and instead used the new ipad Pro, downloaded app, turned on the music, set speakers out again - and again, it happened like 4 or 5 times throughout the dinner service, so, we’ve pulled them and may return this afternoon for a different alternative – or if it’s never been reported before, we may ask if we can swap out for a replacement set… Love the sound, the lights, but can’t have this freaking customers out and ruining their dining experience…

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Weird at all.
I am in that “speaker game” for a long time indeed.
But this issue was never reported as far I remember.
Write an email to the support.

Seem to be faulty.
I would ask for a replacement.
Dont forget to add all the infos
model number, manufacturer number etc.

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I did the basics (in the subject header) Soundcore by Anker “Flare 2” portable, waterproof speakers, “immersive 360’ sound” (12Hz, IPX7) SKU 8 48061 04469 0 A3165011-6 AD9 (came as a set of two, purchased from Sam’s Club) – sure hope they will allow us to return/replace… if not, I’ll email support - thank you

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I own Flare 2. Never had such problem.

I purchased a couple two packs from Costco, similar deal as you I’d imagine.

Have had them for little over a year, maybe 16 months. I use them quite regularly and haven’t run across this issue.

I haven’t updated to latest firmware, have you run any updates of late?

Wanting to see if I understand, you have them out in your restaurant, and they are misbehaving…

Fully charged? Hrm… not sure…

Sams club should have similar return policy to coscto, so I’d advocate for getting a new set.

Wondering too if you had them paired to each other? It’s a great feature, but fiddle farty… that may be a possible issue… let us know and I can reply with more specifics…

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Do have flare as well but do not know this issue… is the flare up to date on firmware

Thats a good idea.
May be other “devices” are disturbing.
All could be possible. (egt. microwaves)

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I don’t have these speakers so cannot help directly. But what you describe suggests investigate if you have absolute volume enabled on Android and you’ve paired with more than one device.

Yes, restaurant - but the dining area is on other side of restaurant from kitchen with giant walkins in between - so doubt the 1 tiny micro has anything to do with it the the large amount of separation and blockers in between-- but who knows… I guess a new set will answer that question if next set also exhibits the issue…

Yes, fully charged, the other day when it started happening again – only had 1 going because the other wouldn’t pair up as it had done before… was so busy - ran out of time to jack w/ it – so that may or may not have answered ‘that’ question about the pairing…

Updated firmware? Well we’ve only had them about a month and loaded the software upon purchase, so would think the most current software would have loaded at time of install.

Ran out of time yesterday and didn’t get to take them back – today - I’m hoping to find the time to locate the receipt and make the trip across town to get them swapped out for a new set.
Thank you for the feedback on things to look for –

Not sure about the “absolute volume” option – but when I get there to attempt either re-pairing or— setting up a replacement set – I’ll know now to watch for this being enabled - or not — The hope is that I can get them set back up in party mode where 2 or more play simultaneously in a surround sound kind of environment. =-) Thanks for the tip - will advise…

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You mentioned Android and iPad. On Android if you look in settings, audio , or sometimes its settings, developer mode. e.g. mine it looks like this

Try toggling to other setting.

What this setting does is try to normalise audio level between connections so it can interfere with volume, turning it either too low or too high.

Not sure what you mean specifically by “try toggling to other setting” – do you mean by using the buttons on the speakers themselves – or within the app that’s installed on a tablet or phone? (and which setting specifically?)
Thank you

Look in your phone for this setting, and try disabling if enabled, or enable if disabled.

I hope you find and fix your solution, let us know how it goes with swapping them.

Have you met with a satisfactory resolution? Would be curious as to what you did :wink: